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Michael Lind’s Response to Libertarian Critics: You’re All In a Cult

Last week columnist Michael Lind wrote an essay for Salon.com in which he asked why there are no libertarian countries. Libertarians–including yours truly—answered him, pointing out that his question was based on a profound misunderstanding of libertarian ideas. Despite the fact that … Continue reading

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Salon Columnist Asks Why There Are No Libertarian Countries

In a column for Salon.com, “radical centrist” Michael Lind asks why, if the libertarian approach is correct, there are no “libertarian countries”? The short answer to his question of why no country has tried libertarianism is that libertarianism–as a philosophy … Continue reading

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Freedom in the 50 States…For Rich White Business Owners

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University has released its 2013 Freedom in the 50 States report, and this year North Dakota has taken the number one spot. So how did the state that just passed the nation’s strictest abortion law … Continue reading

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Liberals and Conservatives Are Not Equally Anti-Science

Back in January, Michael Shermer–the skeptic extraordinaire–wrote a column for Scientific American in which he accused liberals of matching conservatives in their opposition to scientific truth. Mother Jones‘ Chris Mooney has now written a response to Shermer in which he disputes … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Warming Up to Government Coercion

Recently retired Texas congressman Ron Paul has asked the World Intellectual Property Organization to seize the domain names RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org from his supporters and hand them over to him. Is it just me or is it a tad hypocritical for … Continue reading

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