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Yes, Open Borders Is Libertarian

In a recent blog post, “libertarian” anarchist blogger Christopher Cantwell argues that, contrary to widespread perception, the libertarian position on immigration is not open borders, but rather severely restricted immigration. According to Cantwell, the libertarian is in favor of “privatizing” borders. Cantwell … Continue reading

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Are Libertarians Hypocrites for Wanting the State to Enforce Anti-Gay Discrimination?

Although Arizona’s controversial SB 1062 (the so-called “gay segregation bill”) appears to be dead for now, the liberal hand-wringing continues. As before, many of the criticisms of the law have no basis in reality (Salon’s Elias Isquith lazily conflates the … Continue reading

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Michael Lind’s Response to Libertarian Critics: You’re All In a Cult

Last week columnist Michael Lind wrote an essay for in which he asked why there are no libertarian countries. Libertarians–including yours truly—answered him, pointing out that his question was based on a profound misunderstanding of libertarian ideas. Despite the fact that … Continue reading

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Salon Columnist Asks Why There Are No Libertarian Countries

In a column for, “radical centrist” Michael Lind asks why, if the libertarian approach is correct, there are no “libertarian countries”? The short answer to his question of why no country has tried libertarianism is that libertarianism–as a philosophy … Continue reading

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Steven Landsburg Asks If Rape Should Be a Crime When the Victim is Unconscious

In a recent blog post, University of Rochester economics professor Steven Landsburg poses three questions related to public policy. The first deals with censorship of pornography, the second with oil drilling and the third with rape when the victim is … Continue reading

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