I am an anarchist, atheist, anti-theist, skeptic, sex-positive profeminist, libertarian, college student, ordained minister, film buff, amateur photographer, and native Minnesotan.

Politically, I consider myself a pessimistic anarchist. I am an anarchist because I believe that coercion is never justified, states necessarily employ coercion, and therefore the state is not justified. I am a pessimistic anarchist because I don’t believe that a stateless society is achievable.

Other labels that would accurately describe me include anarcho-capitalist, individualist anarchist, libertarian, and voluntaryist. All of these essentially mean the same thing: reducing or abolishing the state in favor of voluntary associations between individuals.

I personally prefer to identify with the Voluntaryists because their label acknowledges the fact that these voluntary associations can take any form–including collectivist ones–and because they are the most consistently anti-state.

Religiously, I was raised ELCA Lutheran but am now an agnostic atheist, meaning that I don’t believe that any gods exist, but I can’t prove that no gods exist.


Photos used to illustrate news stories are either the property of their respective copyright owners and used in accordance with the Fair Use doctrine of U.S. copyright law, or else are in the public domain. All other photos, unless otherwise noted, are original works. (Note: I’m not going to sue anyone for unauthorized use of my photos, but please–follow the Golden Rule, and don’t be a dick.)


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