Wednesday Links: Sex Offenses in Minnesota, Public Drunkenness, and Anti-Vaxxers vs. the State of California

– Last month, a federal judge ruled Minnesota’s sex offender civil commitment program unconstitutional. U.S. Federal District Judge Donovan Frank stopped short of ordering the release of the 740 individuals currently in the program, though, instead giving lawmakers until August 10th to come up with solutions. Good–hopefully the legislature will release those who no longer pose a risk to others, while finding a way to keep the truly dangerous locked up for life.

A British man in Alberta on a tourist visa has been deported from Canada after immigration officials discovered that he helped his girlfriend do repairs in her apartment. Like many countries, Canada prohibits tourists from doing work that a Canadian could be paid to do. Where does it end though? Could I be kicked out of Canada for wiping my own ass? (Because I could pay a Canadian to do that!)

The Minnesota Supreme Court has upheld the felony conviction of a minister for having sex with a woman who had come to him for spiritual guidance. Goddammit. Same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, and yet states like Minnesota still criminalize consensual sex between adults! Why are legislators so determined to regulate peoples’ sex lives?

– Nevada’s governor has signed into law a bill that, among other things, changes the definition of “physical control” of a vehicle to exclude people who are sleeping in the backseats of parked cars. In other words, police in Nevada can no longer arrest drunk people for “sleeping it off” in their cars. The question remains: Why where they arresting people for that in the first place, unless it was their intent to encourage drunk driving? (If you’re going to get a DUI either way, you might as well risk driving home rather than sleeping in your car.)

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law one of the nation’s strictest childhood vaccination requirements, eliminating personal belief exemptions for both public and private school students in the state. Of course, anti-vaxxers are doubling down on the crazy, comparing vaccinations to concentration camps and the State of California to Nazi Germany (a comparison that is not entirely unwarranted).

The Iowa Supreme Court has affirmed the right to get drunk in front of your own home, throwing out the public intoxication conviction of a Waterloo woman who arrested for blowing a 0.267 on her front porch. Okay, public intoxication laws don’t make sense to me–if you’ve even been to a bar or any other public place that serves alcohol, you’ve probably been in violation of the law. (For that matter, unless you never drink or never leave the house, you’re probably going to be “publically intoxicated” numerous times in your life.)

– A girl performs oral sex on you while you’re passed out drunk and two years later decides that she regrets it–congratulations, according to Amherst College, you’re a rapist!  And, if the victim’s advocates and feminists crying for “affirmative consent” get their way, situations like this will only become more common.

– And finally, in light of the recent Supreme Court same-sex marriage victory, LGBT activists are now trying to determine what the next step is. Unfortunately for libertarians, many of the LGBT movement’s remaining goals can only be obtained through government coercion and restrictions on individual liberty. At, Scott Shackford has a wonderful piece up exploring whether this is the moment at which libertarians and the larger LGBT communities part ways.

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