Monday Links

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted the State of Utah’s request for a stay on same-sex marriages following the Dec. 20 district court ruling overturning the state’s gay marriage ban. The fate of marriage equality in the highly conservative state now rests with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which will hear the state’s case sometime this year.

The mayor of Flower Mound, Texas, has declared 2014 to be the “Year of the Bible”, urging the city’s residents to “examine the principles and teachings found in the Bible.” Good book–I particularly like the part about stoning wizards.

Colorado’s newly legal pot shops are facing a looming marijuana shortage as demand of the product has far exceeded the initial supply. Okay, nobody panic–just keep eating Cheetos and watching Scooby-Doo. The market will eventually reach equilibrium: As the novelty of legal marijuana wares off, demand will plateau, allowing supply to catch up to demand. (Related: Everything You Need To Know About Colorado’s New Marijuana Laws.)

 – A U.S. District Court judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by a graduate student whose laptop was seized and searched by border officials while on an Amtrak train from Montreal to New York. Judge Edward R. Korman, of the Eastern District of New York, ruled that the government does not need probable cause or a warrant to search or seize laptops and other electronic devices at border checkpoints because the odds of a traveler being searched are about “10 in a million.” I’m glad that someone’s looking out for the government’s right to search our laptops for tentacle porn and Downton Abbey fan fiction.

– And finally, a mass of cold air known as a “Polar Vortex” has swept across the country, bringing freezing cold temperatures as far south as Alabama, and shattering low temperature records for much of the country. In Minnesota, schools were closed state-wide today by order of the governor. (You know it’s cold when even Minnesotans are like “Fuck this, I’m staying inside.”)

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