Friday Links

Queen Elizabeth II has given royal assent to a bill legalizing same-sex marriages in England and Wales. Oh, Four Weddings and a Funeral is just crying out for a sequel.

In what is perhaps the most hysterical over-reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict, musician Stevie Wonder has said he will refuse to perform in Florida or any other state with a “stand your ground” law. Okay, Stevie–first of all, “stand your ground” had nothing to do with this case (get your facts right), and–second of all–at least thirty states have similar laws, including California!

– Speaking of the George Zimmerman verdict, defense attorney Ken White of Popehat has written what is probably the most intelligent and well-thought-out response to the verdict so far. (It’s really worth reading the entire thing.)

On Thursday, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law some of the country’s most draconian abortion restrictions. Goddammit.

– It was bound to happen: Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Notorious anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy is joining daytime talk show The View, unfortunately giving her an even larger platform from which to spread her discredited and harmful beliefs. (Did I mention that she’s fucking crazy?)

Virginia Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli claims that the state’s sodomy law needs to be reinstated in order to “protect children from [sexual] predators.” Why the state needs a law banning all anal and oral sex when forcible sodomy is already covered under rape and sexual assault laws is anyone’s guess.

Prosecutors in Minnesota are urging state lawmakers to toughen penalties for the sale and possession of synthetic drugs, with Winona County Assistant Attorney Christina Davenport calling synthetic drugs “more harmful…than meth.” You know what else is more harmful than meth? Prison.

In Texas, the City of Lewisville is considering changes to a local ordinance regulating nudity in business establishments after a diner at Redneck Heaven (2501 Stemmons Fwy) complained about waitresses wearing only body paint with pasties covering their breasts. (City law currently only requires “opaque coverage”–which would seem to allow body paint.)

– Speaking of moral busybodies, an alderman in Green Bay, Wis., wants to ban saggy pants in the city, saying that “it’s just demeaning to see people walking around like that. It’s offensive. It’s totally offensive.” Asshole.

Study identifies the six types of atheists. I’m the first type…with a little bit of the second and fourth types as well.

– And finally, here are some thought-provoking (and slightly creepy) photographs of sex dolls (NSFW).

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