Late Wednesday Links

5 Famous Frivolous Lawsuits That Didn’t Actually Happen.

An Egyptian court has sentenced a Muslim cleric to 11 years in prison for burning a Bible in protest of the film “Innocence of Muslims.” He was able to plead down from “attempted Biblicide.”

A mob in Afghanistan stormed a clinic, attacking a male doctor and his female patient after it was discovered that he was examining her without a chaperone. While police were able to escort the patient to safety, the doctor was thrown off a balcony and stoned (it is not clear whether he survived the attack).

– Photographer Jane Hilton spent 2 1/2 years taking portraits of prostitutes in Nevada’s legal brothels. Here are some of her photos (NSFW).

An Idaho photographer is suing Buzzfeed for $3.6 million in damages for using one of his photos on the site. In addition to copyright infringement, the photographer wants Buzzfeed held liable for “contributory infringement”, because the photo was shared on numerous other sites as well. What a douchebag.

A Kuwaiti woman has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for insulting the Emir (the nation’s ruler), as well as violating sedition laws.

The University of Kansas has sent a cease and desist letter to the popular “KU Boobs” Twitter fan page, on which female Jayhawks fans post photos of their University of Kansas-attired breasts (possibly NSFW link). The University maintains that it’s only trying to protect its trademark (otherwise known as a combination of words that can somehow be “owned.”)

– And finally, 10 Great Libertarians of Film and TV.

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