Wednesday Links

5 Conspiracy Theories That Are Shockingly Easy to Debunk.

– JFK’s nephew believes in a conspiracy theory…but not the one you would expect.

– A 64-year-old Arizona man is suing the City of Surprise after he was arrested and charged with DUI despite blowing a 0.000 on a breathalyzer test. (The charges have since been dropped.)

The city of Wildwood, New Jersey has passed a law banning saggy pants on the boardwalk, with violators of the law facing a potential $25 fine. How are laws like these even constitutional?

– According to a Syrian human rights group, Islamist rebels in Aleppo have publicly executed a 14-year-old boy for remarks considered blasphemous.

Turkish police have arrested dozens of Twitter users for tweeting in support of anti-government protests.

– Organizers of this fall’s Miss World Pageant in Bali, Indonesia have canceled the swimsuit portion of the event to avoid offending the country’s deeply conservative Muslim population. (Interestingly, Bali itself is predominantly Hindu.)

– Following a ruling that his office illegally engaged in racial profiling, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has temporarily suspended his controversial anti-immigration efforts.

– Russian lawmakers are considering legislation that would ban gay pride rallies as well as “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations”–in effect making it illegal to teach children about homosexuality. Legislation to ban citizens of countries that allow same-sex marriage from adopting Russian children is also being considered. Seriously–what the fuck, Russia?

5 Lies About the Vietnam War You Probably Believe.

The Obama administration has announced that it will stop fighting to block over-the-counter access to the Plan B morning-after pill. (Last month a federal judge demanded that the government allow girls of any age to obtain emergency contraception without a prescription, but the government indicated that it would challenge the ruling.)

– And finally, 23 Truly Terrible Sex Tips. (Just to give you an idea of how terrible–the following make appearances: candle wax, forks, and the phrase “like you’re opening a jar.”)

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