Weekend Links

The 5 Most Absurdly Petty National Laws Ever Enforced.

– Last month, France became the 14th country to legalize same-sex marriage, leading to anti-gay protests in Paris. Meanwhile, at Cannes, the explicit lesbian love story Blue is the Warmest Color won the Palme d’Or (the festival’s highest award).

Brooklyn D.A. Charles J. Hynes has announced that his office will no longer use possession of condoms as evidence of prostitution, and has instructed police in the borough to stop seizing condoms during prostitution arrests. So, someone in New York City finally figured out that scaring prostitutes into not carrying condoms might not be such a wise strategy after all.

Former White House drug policy advisor Kevin Sabet argues that legalizing marijuana would decrease civil liberties, doesn’t seem to understand what civil liberties are.

– An Ohio mall cop who confronted a group of onlookers photographing a truck crash from a mall parking lot–ordering them to erase the photos and threatening to seize their cameras–has been fired.

Stay-at-home-dad and self-proclaimed “feminist” seeks cure for disorder that causes him to sexually fantasize about women he doesn’t know. In other news: This disorder afflicts 100% of the heterosexual male population.

Glenn Beck has suggested that a CNN interview with an Oklahoma tornado survivor who turned out to be an atheist was planned ahead by a producer with an anti-Christian agenda. Not to be outdone, Alex Jones claimed that CNN created the tornado in their studio, Piers Morgan is a member of the Illuminati and Wolf Blitzer is a hologram.

Police in Maine are learning the hard way that making prescription opiates more difficult to obtain merely pushes users to harder drugs (in this case, heroin).

– A Saudi cleric is facing criticism for encouraging his Twitter followers to “sexual harass female cashiers” in order to discourage women from working in shops. Amazingly, the criticism is coming from his fellow Saudis (although the guy does have his defenders).

Bill Killian, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, has suggested that his office will go after speech that attacks or offends Muslims. Apparently Killian is unfamiliar with the First Amendment (either that or he’s just an asshole).

Animal rights group PETA is suing to force a New York court to release the identities of three Huffington Post users who allegedly “defamed” the organization by criticizing it. Would it be defamation to tell PETA to go fuck themselves?

– And finally, 29 Unintentionally Dirty Autocorrect Mistakes.

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