Weekend Links

A federal district judge in Arizona has ruled that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio–the racist, constitution-shredding, media-whoring, birther conspiracy-promoting tyrant–unfairly targeted Latinos in immigration raids. Gee, what tipped him off?

– First Amendment lawyer James Goodale says that “Only Nixon” did more to harm to press freedom than Obama.

California Pastor Timothy Murphy is fasting (consuming only water) in solidarity with the Guantanamo Bay prisoners who are on a hunger strike to protest their indefinite detention. Although I’m skeptical that fasting will accomplish anything, I do have to admire this guy’s passion.

Malaysian authorities have arrested three activists and seized hundreds of newspapers as part of a post-election crackdown on the opposition.

The Boy Scouts of America voted this week to end its 22-year ban on gay scouts, although the ban on openly gay scout leaders is still in place.

An analysis of scientific journals has found that, of papers that address the causes of global warming, 97% of them agree that global warming is happening and that humans are the cause of it. How’s that for a scientific consensus?

– Following Yahoo’s $1.1 billion acquisition of microblogging site Tumblr, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has reassured everyone that the company has no plans to banish adult content from the site, saying: “I think the richness and breadth of content available on Tumblr—even though it may not be as brand-safe as what’s on our site—is what’s really exciting and allows us to reach even more users.”

In Afghanistan, legislation that would have prohibited forced marriages, made domestic violence a crime, and ended the prosecution of rape victims for fornication or adultery was withdrawn after conservative Muslim politicians called the legislation “un-Islamic.” Goddammit.

Congress is making a second attempt at the Stolen Valor Act after an earlier version of the law was struck down by the Supreme Court. The new version would make it illegal to lie about receiving military medals, but only if the intention is to profit–personally or financially–from the lie. (I still don’t understand how falsely claiming to have received, for example, a Purple Heart infringes on the rights of actual Purple Heart recipients.)

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claims that the U.S. government has “weather weapons”, suggests government was behind recent tornado outbreak in Oklahoma. Is it just me or is this guy getting crazier every week?

Ron Paul has lost his bid to seize the domain names RonPaul.com and RonPaul.org, with the UDRP panel concluding that, in the case of RonPaul.org, Paul himself engaged in “reverse domain hijacking.” So, in other words, the “libertarian” Ron Paul was rebuked by a bunch of bureaucrats for trying to trample on property rights.

6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism.

– After New York state banned smoking in bowling alleys, patrons started going outside to smoke…while still wearing their bowling shoes. Bowling shoes are slippery, especially when wet. Now New York politicians want to require bowling alleys to post signs warning smokers that they could slip and fall if they go outside. So here you have a problem directly resulting from a dumb law, and politicians want to solve that problem by passing yet another dumb law. Idiots.

At a congressional hearing on abortion legislation this week, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) told a woman that she was wrong not to carry to term a baby that doctors said lacked brain function. Fortunately, the decision was not Gohmert’s to make.

Pope Francis acknowledges the fact that atheists can be good people. Thank you.

Turkey’s parliament has passed a law banning all alcohol advertising as well as sales of alcohol between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., leading secular lawmakers to accuse the Islamist-dominated government of legislating religion.

The Republican candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor, E. W. Jackson, has a history of controversial statements, including calling homosexuals “very sick” and comparing Planned Parenthood to the Ku Klux Klan. Eh, he’s like a 4 on the Bachmann Scale. (1 being sane and 10 being Michele Bachmann.)

Despite being out of prison, two of the Bangladeshi bloggers who were arrested last month for making “derogatory remarks about Islam” are facing even bigger problems since being publically branded as atheists. Blogger Rasel Parvez has received death threats, with some even offering rewards as high as $12,000 for his murder. (Okay–If your god is so weak that he needs his followers to protect him from bloggers who dispute his existence, then your god is a fucking pussy–pardon my French.)

– And finally, a Wisconsin dairy farmer charged with illegally selling raw milk has been acquitted of three of the four charges against him.

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