Weekend Links

Slate’s Amanda Marcotte thinks a teenage boy asking Kate Upton to prom is “creepy” and an expression of “male entitlement.” Would she say the same thing about a teenage girl asking Channing Tatum to the prom?

Islamophobia has gone from meaning “persecution and intolerance of Muslims” to “any strong condemnation of Islam.”

In Germany, dancing in clubs is illegal on Good Friday. This stupid law is brought to you by Christianity.

Rand Paul points out hypocrisy of celebrities who advocate for gun control and yet have armed guards.

– A North Carolina legislator has introduced a bill that would impose a two-year waiting period as well as mandatory marriage counseling for couples seeking a divorce.

Bangladesh is cracking down on atheist bloggers after Islamic groups threatened to march on the capital unless the bloggers were prosecuted.

– And finally, the 25 Least Visited Countries in the World.

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