Late Thursday/Early Friday Links

5 Shocking Scenes You Won’t Believe Are in the Bible.

– Philadelphia mayor wants Human Relations Commission to investigate magazine for “Being White in Philly” article, says that First Amendment is not an “unfettered right.” Asshole.

French Jewish student group planning legal action against Twitter for site’s failure to comply with French court order to identify users behind anti-Semitic tweets. Yet another misguided attempt to stifle online speech…

Due to complaints about public sex and drug use, Wisconsin’s only nude beach will now only be open on weekends…because people don’t have sex or use drugs on weekends?

The 9 Most Outraged FCC Complaints About Beyoncé At The Super Bowl.

British woman doesn’t take too kindly to Indian hotel’s complimentary rape service.

– Convicted murderer sues Lifetime network, alleging that TV movie about his crimes violates his “publicity rights.” New York judge with poor understanding of First Amendment agrees, bans movie from airing.

North Dakota lawmakers want to bring back compulsory motherhood.

– Arizona woman who spent 22 years on death row because a cop with a history of lying under oath lied under oath about her involvement in the death of her son may finally go free, or at least get the fair trial she was previously denied.

– And finally, a federal appeals court has struck down a Louisiana law prohibiting anyone other than state-licensed funeral directors from selling coffins.

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