Late Wednesday/Early Thursday Links

5 Famous Online Copyright Crusaders Who Are Total Hypocrites.

– Secretary of State John Kerry announces $250 million in aid to Egypt in order to support the country’s “future as a democracy.” I wouldn’t bet twenty bucks on that horse.

– During the same trip, Kerry says that Egyptians are “deeply committed to human rights, to democracy, to freedom of expression…” And they show that commitment by prosecuting journalists for criticizing the government, investigating comedians for mocking the president, jailing bloggers for “blasphemy”, and demanding that the U.S. prosecute filmmakers who insult Islam.

– A Minnesota lawmaker wants to get rid of exemptions to state smoking bans that allow actors to smoke on stage as part of theatrical productions.

Because of sequestration, the U.S. Navy will have fewer ships patrolling the seas looking for drug traffickers, meaning we could see a potential increase in the cocaine and marijuana supply here in the U.S. And this is a bad thing because…?

– The American Family Association has successfully pressured Sears and JCPenney into pulling ads from Saturday Night Live because of “Djesus Uncrossed” parody trailer. (I’ve seen that trailer three or four times now and I still don’t understand how it could be offensive to anybody…except maybe Romans.)

– The ACLU is launching a nationwide investigation into police militarization.

A gay couple in Oregon was attacked for having a dyed-pink poodle (thankfully, all three of them will be okay).

– The Arkansas legislature has overridden yet another governor’s veto, this time passing a ban on abortion from the 12th week on–the most restrictive such law in the country.

– The International Narcotics Control Board–the independent group in charge of implementing U.N. drug control policy–says that marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado violates international drug enforcement treaties and is urging the federal government to take actions to “ensure full compliance.” I don’t like where this is going…

– A high school in San Antonio, Texas has refused to allow a photo of a lesbian couple to be included among other photos on a Valentine’s Day-themed yearbook page.

Some Israeli fans of the Beitar Jersualem soccer team aren’t too happy with the addition of two Chechen Muslims to the team’s roster. The fans claim they’re not racist, though–they’re just concerned about the racial purity of their team.

– And finally, homebrewing will likely soon be legal in Mississippi–leaving Alabama the only state in the U.S. to still prohibit the practice.

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