Monday Links

5 Clearly Fake News Stories The Media Told You Were True.

– Copyright trolling firm Prenda Law, known for going after Internet users who illegally share porn videos, is now suing several of its online critics for defamation.

Brooklyn District Attorney tells journalists they are forbidden from publishing photos of children taken at a press conference. Freedom of the press–how does it work?

– American Atheists is putting up a series of billboards in Texas featuring quotes from prominent members of the religious right along with the saying “Go Godless Instead.”

– William Saletan believes that the BDSM lifestyle is “dangerous” and should be legally restricted. Dan Savage puts him in his place.

An interview with Jon Millward, the researcher behind the recent study on porn stars.

When did Holocaust jokes become acceptable? Probably when the first two Jews in a concentration camp needed a way to lighten the mood.

– Rock band Train says it will refuse to perform at National Scouting Jamboree this summer unless Boy Scouts change policy on admitting gays.

Scientists say they have successfully cured a newborn baby of HIV.

– And finally, the great Murray Rothbard explains from beyond the grave how a stateless society would work.

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