Thursday Links

– Illinois state senator Ira Silverstein is pushing a bill that would ban anonymous online comments. Asshole.

– That study that supposedly found Bigfoot DNA–yeah, there are some major red flags there, like the fact that the journal it was published in didn’t exist before a few weeks ago.

– After Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use last fall, the state set up a task force to suggest ways of dealing with marijuana tourism. That task force has now released its recommendations, which include allowing non-residents to purchase marijuana in limited quantities.

– Actor Danny Glover says the U.S. should “abolish guns.” Because what this country really needs is armed government agents going around to every house and seizing all firearms.

Because of stupid anti-meth laws, an Iowa woman could face 25 years in prison for buying allergy medicine, despite the fact that her purchases did not exceed the quantities allowed by state law.

– Hawaii’s already draconian asset forfeiture regime may get worse: a proposed state law would expand civil asset forfeiture to petty misdemeanors like disorderly conduct or public intoxication.

Arizona State University is suing porn site for using the term “Sun Devil.”

– In a victory for investigative journalists everywhere, a New York court has ruled that Ken Burns cannot be forced to turn over unreleased video footage from his documentary on the “Central Park Five” (five men who were wrongly convicted of rape in the infamous 1989 Central Park jogger case). City officials wanted the footage as part of their defense against a lawsuit by the wrongly convicted men.

A Texas teenager has won the right to continue her pregnancy despite her parents’ objections. This is a victory for reproductive freedom. Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion.

– A lawmaker in West Virginia has introduced a bill that would require teens to get drug tested three times before they can get their driver’s licenses.

– And finally, Minnesota State Senator Branden Petersen (R-Andover) has broken with his party by supporting same-sex marriage and plans to become a co-sponsor on a bill to legalize it in the state. Petersen says he wants to add language in the bill that would protect the rights of churches to refuse to wed same-sex couples. Hopefully other Republicans with follow Petersen’s example.

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