Late Weekend Links

– Berkshire County, Mass. Assistant District Attorney announces intention to charge teens caught sexting with “manufacturing, disseminating and possessing child pornography” and to force them to register as sex offenders. Asshole.

Lawyer representing albinos files “human rights complaint” to get Vancouver, B.C. bar to stop selling “Albino Rhino” beer…and this is supposed to improve the public perception of albinos how?

– A Michigan nurse is suing the hospital she works at for respecting a father’s request that his newborn child not be treated by a black nurse. The guy may be a racist jerk, but it’s his right to make that request, and it’s the hospital’s right to choose to honor it or not.

Mississippi officially ratifies amendment to abolish slavery…it only took them 148 years to finally getting around to doing so.

Secular and atheist groups are becoming increasingly active on college campuses across America. I look forward to the day when campus atheist groups are no more necessary than groups dedicated to proving that Santa Claus does not exist.

Is this LEGO Star Wars set racist? Of course not, but apparently some Turkish group thinks so.

– No, the Associated Press did not ban reporters from using the terms “husband” and “wife” when referring to married same-sex couples.

Man with no hands is suing Six Flags for barring him from ride because he has no hands.

– City of Denver considering opting out of amendment that legalized marijuana in the state, despite the fact that the city voted overwhelmingly in favor of said amendment.

You say “celibate”, I say “dry spell.”

– A college student in New Jersey has started a service that will deliver condoms right to students’ doors.

Stealth creationist bills have been introduced in Colorado, Missouri, Montana and Okla–wait…Colorado?

– Arizona Court of Appeals reverses lower courts, rules that drivers can be prosecuted for “driving under the influence” if mere traces of marijuana are found in their systems, even if there is no noticeable impairment. What have these judges been smoking?

Tennessee cops pull over old woman for driving with a pot leaf bumper sticker, except it wasn’t a pot leaf, and even if it was there’s no law against having pro-marijuana bumper stickers. Idiots.

– And finally, why Twitter is good for freedom of speech.

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