Late Wednesday/Early Thursday Links

– Porn producer Ira Isaacs has been sentenced to four years in prison for producing and distributing scatological fetish porn.

– A reminder that although America may be bad, the United Kingdom is often worse: A British man faces up to three years in prison for merely possessing “extreme” pornography.

Israeli textbooks refer to Palestine as a “nest of murderers,” while Palestinian school maps make no mention of Israel. Geez, and I thought American textbooks had objectivity issues.

– Adult film performer-director Aurora Snow on why porn isn’t just for men.

– According to a new Gallup poll, the most religious state in the U.S. is Mississippi, while the least religious state is Vermont. Is it a coincidence then that Mississippi ranks at or near the bottom on every measure of quality of life, while Vermont tends to rank at or near the top? Just some food for thought.

– And finally, from Spanker Knob to Sandy Balls Estate: The most suggestive places names in the world.

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