Monday Links

Pope Benedict has decided to call it quits. Of course, this is already generating conspiracy theories.

– The teen birth rate in the U.S. has hit a record low.

Two of Fred Phelps’ granddaughters have left the Westboro Baptist Church and issued a statement apologizing for their involvement. I think this merits a slow clap.

– Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FCC has released all of the complaints it has received about Saturday Night Live in the last five years. The Huffington Post has a slideshow of the 10 “craziest” complaints, but you really have the read the whole thing (link opens pdf).

– Finally! A grilled cheese sandwich that is all cheese.

– Bryan Fischer is not the only one who believes that gay men can’t be scoutmasters because they’re sexual predators who will prey on young scouts.

– A Georgia lawmaker wants to make photo manipulation a crime, and has rejected the idea that such a law would violate the First Amendment: “No one has a right to make fun of anyone. You have a right to speak, but no one has a right to disparage another person. It’s not a First Amendment right.” Asshole.

Israel is detaining 10 women for offending the religious sentiments of Orthodox worshippers.

– Danish free speech activist (and prominent critic of Islam) Lars Hedegaard was nearly murdered by a member of the “religion of peace” last week.

– Uh-oh, CISPA is back.

– And finally, the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition debuted today, with supermodel Kate Upton on the cover for the second year in a row.

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