Weekend Links

10 Ways a Libertarian Society Would be Different (meaning better).

– Conspiracy theorists are harassing victims of last summer’s movie theater shooting in Aurora, Co.

– Several states are considering anti-drone legislation, including Texas and Florida.

– Singer Richard Marx criticizes Grammys for banning skimpy costumes while allowing girlfriend-beating douchebags like Chris Brown to attend. At least someone in the music industry still has some class.

– Apparently “breastaurants” are a thing.

– Michigan is the latest state in which Republicans want to require women seeking an abortion to have a “transvaginal ultrasound” (which is just as intrusive as it sounds).

– The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone: a free divorce!

Career website Payscale interviewed 42,000 workers and found that artists are the most likely to hook up with co-workers. On a completely unrelated note, I’ve recently taken up sculpting and painting.

– Some universities are suing former students over defaulted federal Perkins loans, which go to students with “extraordinary financial hardship.” Unsurprisingly, these same students are having trouble paying off the loans.

– Lawmakers in North and South Dakota are determined to limit the options available to women with unplanned pregnancies.

– I don’t normally sympathize with people like Samuel Mullet, but his prison sentence does seem wildly disproportionate to the crime.

Youth pastor and “purity” crusader criticizes Beyoncé for dancing suggestively at Super Bowl, calls her performance “soft porn.” Now when some poor fool types “Beyonce porn” into Google, this is what’s going to come up.

– After three years of carefully examining the issue, the Department of Homeland Security has concluded that, yes, it does have the right to search and seize your electronic devices at the border with or without reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed.

– This is interesting: The modern evangelical political movement formed not to fight abortion, but to fight racial desegragation in schools.

– An Egyptian judge has ordered that YouTube be blocked in the country for a month because the site continues to host the 14-minute trailer for the anti-muslim film “Innocence of Muslims.” The future of free speech in Egypt is not looking so good…

– And finally, 15 Questions Atheists Are Sick of Answering, such as “Why do Atheists hate God?” and “How can an Atheist have morals?”

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