Late Monday/Early Tuesday Links

– Massachusetts will not be legalizing happy hours, because doing so would be a threat to “public safety.”

– The following acts are illegal in the state of Virginia: fornication, oral sex, adultery, gambling, obscenity……Washington politicians might just want to avoid crossing the Potomac altogether.

– Adult film performer Coco Brown is training to be the first porn star to go into space.

– Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, apparently feeling that Minnesotans aren’t taxed enough, has re-introduced a so-called “snowbird tax”, which would increase taxes on folks like my grandparents who only spend half of the year in Minnesota. Luckily, Florida congressman Trey Radel has said that his state will welcome any tax refugees from up north. I love Florida.

– Two Democratic congressmen plan to introduce separate bills that would legalize marijuana. Of course, no marijuana legalization bill would be complete without providing for a source of increased government revenue.

– Leaked Justice Department memo lays out legal case for drone strikes against American citizens abroad.

-At, Jacob Sullum explains why the leaked Justice Department memo is so troubling to civil libertarians.

– And finally, 6 Foreign Subcultures You’ve Never Heard Of.

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