Rand Paul Doesn’t “Understand” Gay Marriage. What’s To Understand?

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) gave an interview to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association today, and, seeing as this is the same Bryan Fischer who thinks that pedophiles will take over the Boy Scouts if the group’s ban on gay members is repealed, the discussion predictably turned to the gays. Regarding same-sex marriage, Senator Paul had this to say:

“I believe in traditional marriage. I really don’t understand any other kind of marriage. Between a man and a woman is what I believe in, and I just don’t think it is good for us to change the definition of that.”

Senator Paul seems to be one of the more consistantly libertarian(ish) members of the Senate, so it’s dissapointing to hear him repeat the same “traditional marriage” bullshit that statists like Rick Santorum have been spewing for years.

The fact is, gay marriage opponents are fighting a losing battle. Each year more old bigots bite the dust, and more tolerant young people reach voting age.

Supporting “traditional marriage” in 2013 is like supporting “keeping the races separate” in 1970. There is nothing–physical or metaphysical–that justifies continuing to treat gays and lesbians as second-class citizens.

Rand Paul doesn’t “understand” gay marriage? What’s to understand? If two men love each other, let them get married. Treat them the same way you would a man and a woman who love each other.*

Same-sex marriage is happening whether homophobes accept it or not. If Rand Paul is smart, he won’t stand in its way.

*As an anarchist I feel obliged to say that the ideal solution to the same-sex marriage issue is to get the government out of marriage altogether. In a stateless society, any group of two or more people could draw up whatever relationship contracts they wanted to, and call it whatever they want (like a “mutually beneficial romantic association”).
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One Response to Rand Paul Doesn’t “Understand” Gay Marriage. What’s To Understand?

  1. There are two issues here. Should there be marriage? Should there be equal marriage? Possibly the state should not recognise marriages in church, or state marriages should not exist, or we should call it something else, or make a contract for a limited renewable time or something- but whatever, the law should be the same for gays as for straights.

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