Late Wednesday Links

– In Texas, public school students are learning that the Earth is 6,000 years old, that all races can be traced back to the sons of Noah, and that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. I think there might be a church-state separation issue there somewhere…

– A proposed Tennessee law that forbids teachers from discussing homosexuality also appears to require that teachers and counselors alert parents when their children seek counseling for issues relating to sexuality.

San Francisco 49ers cornerback says gay players would not be welcome in the locker room. Geez, if a gay man isn’t welcome in a San Francisco locker room, where is he welcome?

A group of ultra-conservative Orthodox Jews is enforcing religious dress codes in predominantly Hasidic neighborhoods of Brooklyn. According to Rabbi Allan Nadler, “They operate like the Mafia…They might tell the father of a girl who wears a skirt that’s too short and he’s, say, a store owner: ‘If you ever want to sell a pair of shoes, speak to your daughter.'” (Also, they’re going after mannequins).

15-year-old girl comes out to her parents by writing “I’m Gay” on a cake. This story does have a happy ending.

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